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Hi, I'm Kirstin and the picture is of myself and my kids after doing the colour run.

I try to spend time with my kids doing active events to not only teach them health habits but to also sneak in some exercise. 

Trust me i understand that some times its hard to fit in exercise or even trying to but your own health and well-being first ahead of your family, friends, work and never ending commitments we all have these days.


I wasn't always a Personal Trainer... or even fit and healthy...

Yes that's right, there was a time where I put my family first and never made time for myself to exercise, My eating was very average from being on the go etc and that took its toll, and over time I had become the biggest I had ever been in my entire life...

One day I decided enough was enough and it was time for a change...

I started making time for exercise, i got a trainer and i started eating less refined carbs and processed foods and started eating clean whole foods, Pretty much I followed what I have now outlined in my free "Ditch the Diet" Ebook.

The weight came off, I felt way better, I mean Sooo much better! I had more energy and I was happier...  Its then when i decided i wanted to be a Personal Trainer and help others make the same change.

Don't get me wrong, my diet could be better and i could work out harder but to be honest I'm happy, I'm at a level that I'm happy with myself and that's where I want you to be too. 

...No Judgement, No Criticism, No Explanation

I've been there, I have the over size t-shirt.. That is why I get on well with my clients as I understand, I can relate so i dont judge you, i dont criticise or put you down, Im not a full on heath and fitness Nut, seriously who has time for that! 

I also know what needs to be done to get the results no matter what size you are, so i will push you and if you do what your told then you will get the results and the outcome you deserve! 

... Now's the time to do something about it!